Update- Where Have I Been?

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Hi everyone!

I am aware that I haven’t posted in a really long time. On top of that, pretty much all of my recent posts have been reviews. I’m so sorry about that- I have had a whole bunch of new posts planned but I wasn’t sure where to begin. So, I’ll begin with this- an update & an explanation.

In January I auditioned for a new ballet school, and was lucky enough to be accepted. I have been working hard there and I am so happy with the progress I’ve been making, and with the wonderful supportive atmosphere. I am still at university studying for my degree- I’ve been doing my university classes and lectures during the day, and doing two classes a day at ballet in the evening. On top of that, this schedule has increased my commuting time to about 22+ hours per week, and I have to squeeze in a lot of independent study for my assignments. I have also been teaching once a week, and working with the Sadler’s Wells on Social Movers content. My boyfriend Jake and I are also moving house! So, it’s fair to say that I have been extremely busy so far in 2018!

However that is not the only reason for my absence- of course it’s that much harder to find time to post when you’re so busy, but actually I haven’t been in the best health since Christmas. I started having digestion problems and headaches during the winter break, and throughout the semester I’ve been suffering increasingly with bouts of extreme fatigue. I had a lot of tests to rule out things like allergies and serious illnesses, and nothing is immediately obviously wrong. I have not been pursuing a diagnosis because I want to focus on being well, and I have been doing better, but it does still come and go. On top of that, 2 weeks ago I sustained an injury to my hip. All of this has made it difficult to carry on with my normal schedule, and it’s been hard sometimes to stay positive.

However, I’ve now reached the end of term- I got through assessment week, and made it to the end of all my classes. I now have a few weeks off to rest and recuperate. I still have a ton of written assignments due, but at least I can rest my body and take a break from my busy schedule. I also hope to be able to dedicate some time to the blog, and get some of the content I’ve had planned lined up!

I have two new reviews coming, but I also want to get back to posting the other things that I enjoy posting such as insights into life as a dance student, advice for dancers and dance lovers, and commentaries on other dance-related topics. I’m also working on an exciting project with Sadler’s Wells that I hope to be able to share in the near future!

In the meantime, you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram, (both @daretodanceblog) where I update much more regularly (because I can do it on the move from my phone!).

I’ll be back with more content very shortly!

Until then!

Jessica x

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