Kikki.K Stationery Review

If you’ve been reading my blog a while, it’s probably evident from my previous favourites and my post about The Dancer’s Journal that I am really into my stationery! I am addicted to buying and using nice stationery, and I find it impossible to walk past a Paperchase. Recently , however, I especially love anything that is aimed at inspiration and positive living.

I recently bought my second Happiness Planner (which I’ll also be reviewing soon!) and I have absolutely loved using it. So imagine my joy when one afternoon I popped to Covent Garden to pick up some bits from my favourite ballet shops, and found Kikki.K stationery. I feel like this place was MADE for me.

Kikki.K is a Swedish store featuring the most stunningly beautiful stationery. I’m talking a lot of black and white, blue-grey, pale pink and rose gold. If you’re into the really “blogger” looking stuff, you need to get on this right now. They have all sorts of journals and tools aimed at positive living-  I walked in and just wanted everything! They have diaries, planners, and journals for things such as good habits, gratitude, goal tracking, big dreams, and anything else you can think of. There are beautiful desk items such as staplers, hole punches, pens, clips and pins… even a set of cards with inspirational quotes and a stand! I eventually settled on a gratitude journal, a weekly planner desk pad, a ‘good habits’ mini note pad, a set of inspirational-message pens and a sticker book with inspirational quotes in gorgeous colours.

When you buy in store or online, if you sign up to the email list, you also receive a £5 off voucher- so I went back and bought a “food, exercise, sleep” journal which only cost me £5 once I applied my money off voucher! This is an especially good healthy living tool for the aspiring dancer, with sections for goal-setting, a food diary, sleep diary, and pages for your favourite food stats. This one isn’t pictured in this post as I bought it after the rest of the items, so have a look on my Instagram where I’ll post a picture of it soon!





I am really enjoying my gratitude journal so far. It’s become a nightly ritual before bed to take just a moment to reflect on the parts of my day I feel grateful for- I feel this is a really positive habit to get into.


These pens are great- I love the inspirational messages, and they write nicely, too. They can never overtake my love of coloured fineliners but they’re a perfect addition to my pencil case… I have been carrying one of these pens in my handbag always.


This is the item I’ve probably gotten the most use out of! I’m super-busy, so planning my week out where I can just see it on one page has been incredibly useful.


So far I’m yet to make it through a full week of sticking to any of my chosen new habits! But I’m getting there! I’m currently working on drinking more water, rolling out my muscles daily, and taking off my make-up before bed every night!



I LOVE these stickers! I’ve added them to my weekly desk pad for a bit of extra inspiration, but I’m saving most of them for the vision board I’m making.


So there you are- stationery lovers, rejoice! These products are beautiful, well thought-out and so helpful for people who love organisation and are trying to create a more positive lifestyle for themselves. I’ll post a photo of the Food Exercise Sleep journal on my Instagram soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Until next time,

Jessica x

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