January morning photoshoot

I am very fortunate in that my other half is a very talented professional photographer (who is to thank for most of the best snaps on my Instagram!) however as we are both so busy we don’t get much opportunity to work together seriously. Today we had a rare morning off together, so we headed down to Greenwich to the Old Royal Naval College (a place of very pleasing symmetry) and had a photoshoot there. Unfortunately our shoot was cut short as we didn’t have a permit to take professional photographs there, but we got some great shots and had a fun time in the process!

We wanted some pictures featuring workout wear, so I’m wearing the new fitness range from Superdry (I am a big fan of their workout leggings), Nike running shoes I got for Christmas, a Bloch leotard and an old pair of Gaynor Mindens. I’m wearing Grishko now because I’m trying to work my feet harder but I didn’t want to wear my good shoes outside! It was VERY chilly indeed but we found some lovely beams of light and made use of them.

Here are a couple of the finished images- I really like them, and had a lot of fun in the process. I hope you like them too!



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