31 Heartbreaking Moments All Dancers Have Experienced

  • Only realising the tip of the bobby has come off when you try to put it in your bun and it rips your hair out.
  • Forgetting your skirt and having to take class feeling naked.
  • Telling people you’re a dancer/ training to be a dancer and they reply with “Oh, like a dance teacher?”

no bitch

  • Thinking about lunch while the teacher sets the combination then being asked to demonstrate.
  • Doing something badly and having the teacher/ director have someone 5 years younger than you show everyone how to do it properly.
  • Getting your bun net caught in a zip and ripping a big hole in it.
  • Being told in front of everyone that you need to “lengthen” and having to act OK with it.


  • Getting your period and ruining a pair of brand new tights.
  • Mixing up your pointe shoes and ending up with one shoe more broken than the other.
  • Getting a hole in your ballet tights that strangles your toe.
  • Getting asked what you do for your real job.
  • Having to turn down any social activities happening on a Saturday because the dancer’s weekend only consists of Sunday.
  • Or going out on a Friday night anyway and waking up on Saturday morning for class regretting your whole life.


  • Automatically picking your leotard out of your butt without thinking in an important situation and being called out for it.
  • Seeing your costume for the show and realising you’ll be wearing a lime green unitard with matching swimming cap.
  • Telling people you’re a dancer and having them ask you if it’s like Black Swan.

black swan

  • Or telling you that they did ballet when they were younger and probably would have been a professional if it wasn’t for X/Y/Z because thy did “pointe work and everything”
  • Seeing photos online of people barely balancing on rock-hard pointe shoes with the ribbons tied in a bow at the front of the leg…
  • …especially when it’s in an ad campaign

kendall jenner wtf

  • Seeing videos online of 9 year old girls who can dance a variation better than you
  • Your teacher saying “one more time” and knowing you’ll be running it at least three more times
  • When tech rehearsal is approaching 9pm and you’re not even halfway through yet, knowing you’ll be there until the middle of the night

life is pointless always tired

  • Your well-meaning other half doing the washing and putting your handwash-only leos in the machine on a regular cycle
  • Or realising too late you haven’t done laundry and having to wear the weird unitard that gives you cameltoe because there aren’t any clean tights
  • Having a bad bun day

bad hair day ballet

  • Not getting to the studio in time to warm up and you only have yourself to blame
  • Feeling a niggling pain come on 2 days before an audition or performance and trying to convince yourself it’s nothing


  • Getting cut from an audition during barre
  • Coming back after break having intended to stay in shape but you actually did nothing and wanting to die
  • When the person mirroring you on the other side of the stage messes up and you get the blame
  • Turning up to class in the same leo as the girl with the perfect bod


Hope you enjoyed!

Jessica x

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