Photo Gallery: Notting Hill

Hi everyone!

I hope you enjoyed last month’s planner posts- if you missed them, you can read about my reviews of The Happiness Planner here and the MiGoals 2019 diary here. I am still planning to post about bullet journaling for dancers, which will be my next post! However I thought I’d also post something a bit different in the meantime to mix it up for those who aren’t fans of journaling.

It feels like forever since I’ve posted a photo gallery, especially considering I live with a wonderful photographer (my boyfriend Jake). We realised it’s been ages since we went and took some fun dance pictures, so we decided to use my Saturday afternoon off a few weeks ago to go out and get some snaps. I suggested heading to colourful Notting Hill after my morning classes. For those of you who haven’t been (or seen the Hugh Grant film Notting Hill, although it’s changed A LOT since then), it’s a part of London famous for the Portobello Road Market, beautiful Holland Park and the streets of candy-coloured pastel houses.

We joined the hoards of bloggers out posing on people’s doorsteps, and also took a few shots in Holland Park. I’m wearing (in various layers because I’d come from class/ didn’t want to fully undress to my leotard in the street): peach leotard from Bloch; jeans by Superdry; Sissonne the Day T-Shirt and Swan Ombré Rehearsal Skirt both from Cloud and Victory; Adidas trainers/ and old pair of Gaynor Minden pointe shoes, both of which got muddy in the park because it was raining!

I know not all of these pictures are perfect, but I still love them because they’re really fun, so I hope you enjoy them too!


Jake is available for dance pictures, headshots, weddings, family photoshoots, whatever you need- see his Instagram here and website here! You can also follow me on Instagram (where I posted many of these pictures first!) here.

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