Dare to Dance X Lapasa Sportswear

This is a post that I’m very excited to be sharing with you!

Let’s talk about studio to street style.

When I first started full-time dance training, I used to throw joggers over my dancewear for travelling to and from the studio, so that I could keep my muscles warm and wouldn’t have to carry a change of clothes to wear whilst warming up. However, I remember sitting on the train with all of the other London commuters in their smart work clothes, and feeling SO scruffy! After some experimentation, I developed a penchant for beautiful sportswear, and especially for jazzy leggings! If you follow me on Instagram, you will see how much I love coloured and patterned leggings. I like to mix sportswear, yoga, and dancewear pieces for my studio-to-street style. I want to feel confident going to and from the studio, and still be able to warm-up and do my cross-training exercises without having to bring a whole second outfit.

This is why I was excited by the opportunity to work with Lapasa sportswear; Lapasa are already established in the USA and some other European countries, but are new to the UK market. Thanks to them and the lovely people at Social Cloud Marketing, I was able to try out some of the products they have to offer.

As you will have seen on my Instagram unboxing of the Lapasa Yoga Pants (click here if you missed it!), first impressions were great. The products came beautifully packaged, and I was surprised at how soft the leggings were. Once I was able to try them out, I have to say that I was really impressed. When I buy a pair of leggings I am looking for: a nice colour, pattern or design; decent length if they are full-length; total opacity (leggings with a partially see-through butt are NOT a good look) and a lot of elasticity, so that I’m not restricted during even a full stretch. Also preferable are pockets, no scratchy labels, a pleasant texture and a feeling of support.

I was not expecting it, but these leggings actually tick ALL the boxes. They are incredibly soft, they fit well with a good length and proper stretchiness, they are totally opaque, and there’s a little hidden pocket on the inside of the waistband. I should note it’s quite small- not big enough for a phone, for example- but you could fit a key, some change or a debit card in there. They are available in a range of really nice colours and designs.

So, what I have to offer to all of my lovely readers who also like the look of these leggings is a discount code for 10% off when you purchase through Amazon. You can browse the products available here. Just enter the code DANCER10 at the checkout. This code is valid until 1st October 2017. As well as leggings like these, there are sports bras and tops, and menswear, too.

AAAAANNND… I will be doing a GIVEAWAY where you can win a pair of Lapasa women’s cropped yoga pants with some other prizes too over on my Instagram, so keep your eye on my feed over the coming days!

I hope you enjoy the snaps which were taken by Jake Owens. Some of these were taken at Mayfield Lavender Fields (which is a big deal because I’m really scared of bees!) and some at and around St. James’ Park. I have styled my Lapasa Yoga Pants in Purple Space Dye with a plain black T Shirt from Superdry, and with a grey vest from Jack Wills and yoga top again from Superdry, and Nike running shoes. Lapasa do also offer sports bras and tops, but I haven’t had the opportunity to try those out yet- if you decide to pick them up, let me know how you find them!






I am committed to being totally transparent with you guys, so here’s the full lowdown on this collaboration: This is not a paid-for advertorial. The words and opinions are completely my own and haven’t been pre-approved. Lapasa and Social Cloud very kindly sent me the products in the hope that I would like them enough to recommend them to my readers- which I genuinely do! I would NEVER enter a collaboration with a brand unless I actually do use the products I am recommending, AND I think that it would be of interest to my readers and followers. When you use the discount code for 10% off, I receive a 15% commission on that sale. I will put any money raised directly from this collaboration straight back in to the running of this blog and hopefully be able to create something fun with it!




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