48 Thoughts Every Dancer Has During Class

  1. Do I have time to eat this banana?
  2. No, probably not, I’ll get a stitch
  3. …ugh, I’m so hungry, though
  4. OK I’ll just have it
  5. No one had better be in my spot at the barre
  6. My calves are so tight
  7. And my hips
  8. I hope today is a Good Arabesque Day
  9. Oh my god, what was that crack?
  10. Now I feel like I need to pee
  11. But I’m wearing a leotard and I can’t be bothered
  12. I’ll just hold it
  13. Oh my god he’s here already? I’m hardly warm yet! Quick, emergency speed-splits
  14. I wonder where she got that leotard
  15. It’s grey though it probably shows up sweat patches really bad
  16. Is it Mirella?
  17. Oh god I forgot to pay attention to the exercise
  18. I need to copy some one who looks like they know what they’re doing
  19. He’s speaking to me in Russian and I have no idea what he’s saying
  20. I hate frappes
  21. I just remembered that quote “you should treat the barre like your favourite pet’s throat” well my pet would be very dead if that were true
  22. My legs don’t want to go up today…. heeeeaaaaave
  23. I’m sweating so much already
  24. Oh my god she just nearly kicked me in the face
  26. I shouldn’t have had that banana right before class
  27. I just did the most impressive back bend in arabesque and he wasn’t even looking
  28. There’s a loose baby hair tickling my neck
  29. Centre… why is the second line standing right behind me
  30. We’re not going to have room for this exercise
  31. Move back I don’t have room for an arabesque turn!
  32. Oops well that’s what you get for not being specially aware
  33. I feel quite on my leg today actually
  34. Maybe I’ll try for a double
  35. Ok maybe not
  36. I want her feet
  37. They’re so perfect
  38. I wish you could get surgery to give you better feet
  39. Does this leotard make me look skinny?
  40. I need to work on my core
  41. I say that every day but I actually do
  42. This time I mean it
  43. I bet these jumps sound like a herd of elephants from the downstairs studio
  44. Oh my god I should have peed before class
  45. I can’t jump any more
  46. I think I’m dying
  47. I might actually be dead
  48. Finished… now let me go pee!!

Just a bit of fun! What would you add?

Jessica x

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  1. Maysa Rose says:

    So true! 😀 Now that I think about it, we think about ALOT of things in ballet class! One thing that I have to add is:
    -YES! I nailed that turn! Wait, how come everyone didn’t see it!!
    Happens to me all of the time, and I can’t but laugh about it afterwards. It is just so funny how the everyone misses your best turns, and always sees the not-so-good ones. I think everyone can relate to that! 😉
    Loved this post!

    1. That is so true! Why are the best turns always the ones when no one is watching?! Haha! But I’m glad you liked the post, thank you! 🙂 x

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